A Tribute to Mothers
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A Tribute to Mothers

This article is a Tribute to Mothers all around the world

When is the last time you told her you loved her? When was the last time you have shown her how much you care? When was the last time you had spent time with her? When was the last she had felt that she was a Mother to you and you are a Son or Daughter to her?

Mothers are the most wonderful gift of God to each one of us. They have carried us on their womb for 9 difficult months and they have given us the chance to live. They have given us the opportunity to see how beautiful and harsh the world is. They have nurtured us with love and care in ways he have or have not seen. They were our first teachers, our first mentors. They are our ever dearest Mothers, our Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mamu or whatever we may call them.

It is not Mothers’ Day but yet I see this as an opportunity to give tribute to all the Mothers around the world most especially for my very own mother. I really adore every woman who is a mother, single mothers and those women who are not yet mothers but still they had acted as genuine mothers to those children who have none.

Our Mothers are our heroes. They are the ones who had sacrificed for us. I know, our mothers have gone through a long way through with mixed sweat and tears to make us what we are now. These women had experienced lots of sacrifice just to give us the things we need: daily needs, may it be physiologic, safety, security, love and belongingness.

For each one of us you are the sons and daughters of our own mothers; as long as our mothers are at our side or maybe away from us let us show them that we care. Let us talk to them, call them and tell them how much we love them. Let us say sorry if we’ve done wrong to them. Let us spend some of our time to be with them for they are the persons who truly deserve it.

It is not yet too late for us children to thank them and give back the love we have received from our dearest Mothers.

To my Mama, I am taking this as my opportunity to shout to the world of how much I love you and how proud I am for being your daughter. No words could ever express how grateful and thankful I am, to be your daughter. Every step I take to the journey of my life and career I know that you will always be part of it .I love you so much!

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Comments (2)

Nice to know that there are people who care to devote a little of their time writing to tell the world how great mothers are. I salute you!

Ranked #18 in Motherhood

@tyron john thank u!