Are Surrogate Mothers Just A Fad?
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Are Surrogate Mothers Just A Fad?

A personal look at the a new job opening for surrogate mothers.

Motherhood has become a political tool since the first time a politician touched his eyelid and explained to his adulating fans that was his acknowledgment that his mother was near.  Such precious emotions attached to motherhood made women long for the joys of wrapping their arms around a baby even if their baby had been born by another woman (which is the common definition of surrogate motherhood). The media that always has an eye open to popular attractions made some serious dramatic television and cable movies about situations that developed due to surrogate motherhood.  But, for almost a year, now we have not had even the whisper of surrogate motherhood by the media.  I first became aware of the profession many years ago.

I was appalled when picking up a small time newspaper and reading an ad advertising for surrogate mothers. Really!

The ad reads, become a surrogate mother and you will get generous compensation. We only seek women ages 21-45 who have had (get this) prior experience at giving birth. Brave New World how far away are You? Oh, by the way, only non-smokers need apply. The solicitor is (thank God) a solicitor.

 What? Remember when want ads were for jobs?  That was my first reaction and my feelings might have changed.  But, this is how I felt. 

How far have we come in time when we advertise for employment for surrogate motherhood. The experience that was to bond the child to his mother has become a job. But, as usual, I have a question. Who does the surrogate mother bond to once her child is delivered to the buyer? Have women become that Brave New Worldish to have dropped their natural instincts of bonding which includes, by the way, protection?

The situation is that if I feel that abhorrent to the entire idea of advertising in actually advertising for surrogate mothers in want ads of all place, am I alone?

Are we afraid to voice our repugnance at this betrayal of the birth bond to soothe the wounded pride of childless couples who are, of course, above adoption. After all the surrogate will probably carry the male’s sperm.

Such a soothing alternative to the male pride and such a start of unbelievable distortion. Of course, science has come a long way baby, the male’s sperm could have been laboratory implanted in his female’s egg and once fertilized implanted into the surrogate. I find that to be disgusting. Am I the only one?

The reasoned approach is, of course, one of consideration for the male who desires to continue his family line.  If his wife can't give him a male or a female heir to his genes, he might look elsewhere.  I recognize that those desires are real.  I also see that natural selection might be at work to end a chromosomal line that might have serious genetic defects.  That might be one cause.  I am also aware of a societal frenzy to belittle Darwin and natural selection by mechanically tampering with natural selection. Maybe, it should be called mechanical engineering selection. 

Of course, I am also a very religious person and I see mechanical engineering selection as tampering with man's soul in the giant cosmic plan that only God should decide. 

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