Coping with a Newborn in the First Three Months
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Coping with a Newborn in the First Three Months

Coping with a newborn is easy if you know how to do it properly. Follow these newborn handling tips and avoid stress.

For first time parents bringing home your newborn baby from the hospital can be a little daunting as well as exciting. You have to be calm in order to coping with a newborn and the stresses it creates. And you will need all the support you can get from family and friends.

Newborn babies go through a lot since you give birth to them because everything has changed for your baby from the comfortable world they have been used to. Whether the birth had been a normal delivery or a caesarean section, the baby will be a little stressed out in the first few weeks after the birth.

The first couple of days in hospital are actually very nice and comfortable and you get a lot of support and assistance from the staff. But after you go home it’s going to be just you and the baby and you both will need adjusting to each other. Everyone at home will be nervous with the new baby, but it will be a joy once you incorporate a few tips and tricks to your daily routine.

Touch is very important to a new born baby. Your baby would love the touch of your hands and it would be a great idea to learn a few infant massaging techniques. Babies love massages and it has a very calming effect on them, especially after a wash. Experts have found out through research that massaging help babies establish regular sleep patterns, and also relieves constipation and colic in newborns.

Babies love warmth because they have been in a very warm environment while in the mother’s womb. So when they are born they love to feel that warmth. It is a great comfort for a baby to be cuddled up with their mummy. They are used to the rhythmic beat of your heart, and when they are cuddled up tight to your chest the sound of your heart beat will have a calming effect on your baby.

Babies thrive when they are given warmth and love. Having your baby in a baby sling while you do your house work or shopping is a good way to keep your baby cuddled up close to you. Rather than your baby left in the cot while you do your housework, have her in a sling close to your body. It will be comforting to baby as well as you.

Do not be worried when your baby cries. It is the only way a baby knows of communicating with her caregiver. She will cry when she is hungry, when her nappy needs changing, when she is tired, sleepy or not feeling very well and sometimes when there is nothing better to do! So it’s not a reason for a parent to start pulling their hair out simply because the baby is crying her eyes out. It can be quite nerve-wracking for you when nothing seems to soothe your precious baby, but in time you will know to recognize what the reason is behind the crying. You will know how she cries when she is hungry and how her cry is like when she needs her nappy changed.

Don’t ever think that you are spoiling your baby by responding to the slightest sound she makes. You are making the bond you have with your baby stronger by responding to her, and it will make your baby feel more secure. With time you both will have a nurturing and a loving relationship.

Try to breast-feed your baby as much as you can in the first three months because it is the best gift you can give your baby. Drinking lots of water helps in producing breast milk.

The first three months after giving birth is very important for your health as well as for your baby. Try to get all the help you can from family and friends. Have a circle of contacts you can fall back on and contact them whenever you need help. Your body needs to heal as well, whether you had a normal delivery or a caesarean section. Your body needs rest and don’t try to overdo things around the house. When your baby sleeps, you too should try to relax and have some time yourself. It should not be a time to finish up your housework, even though you want to.

All of the above tips will help you coping with a new born in the first three months.

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