Guides to Effective Single Mother Parenting
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Guides to Effective Single Mother Parenting

Parenting is not a joke especially to single parents. How could you be an effective parent if you are a single mother?

Single mother parenting is perhaps the most difficult to do. Rearing kids single-handedly is not a joke especially when you are not financially secure. Parenting has never been that easy especially for single mothers who should be one person in different positions. But parenting as a single mother need not be that hard if you follow some simple tips.

Be a friend to your kids

It is better to be a friend to the kids than a mother to them. A mother is far different from a friend so choose to be a friend to your kids rather than a mother. A mother who acts as a friend to her kids will make things easier for her because the kids will be like her friends who would listen to her and play with her. The children will love you more if you are like a friend to them who will understand what kids are for in different situations.

Be strict but nice to your kids

Kids are kids who will always do naughty things and piss you off but this has nothing to do with getting really mad at your kids. Instead try to be nice and look at the reason why your kids did what they did. There are always reasons why kids do something. They will tell you there reason if you ask them nicely. Of course it is normal to get mad but control your temper and things would go better between you and your kids.

Teach you r kids but don’t dictate what they should do

Dictating is different from teaching. You teach because you want your children to learn something they don’t know but if you dictate, you want to tell your children that you are the boss who must be followed. In order for your kids to respect you and listen to you, you should also respect them. You show respect when you teach your kids and not dictate them.

Keep a harmonious and happy atmosphere for everybody

If you are able to keep your family harmonious and happy then you are effectively parenting your kids. You are an effective parent if your family is happy and harmonious that is because it is very hard to keep a happy and harmonious family if you haven’t worked so hard to achieve it.

Keep a good foundation for your kids

A good foundation at home will lead the kids to a better future life. A good foundation means properly reared children who have good moral values and who are responsible in their actions. Good foundation produces good children and if you can do that as a single mother then you are an effective parent.

Parenting is a hard job and to be an effective parent takes more than hard work to be able to become one. If you have good children then you are also a good parent and that means effective parenting.

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Comments (3)

I'm a single mom and this article is perfect! You worded it perfectly and I work hard to take all the steps you've listed. Great job on this!

Great article and I agree with all the points except for the first one.

Great article and good tips