How to Be a Strong Single Mom
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How to Be a Strong Single Mom

There can be plenty of hard moments when it comes to raising kids and being a single mom, but there can be even more blissful moments. Often times, single mothers will have feelings of aloneness and hopelessness when it comes to raising her children alone

There can be plenty of hard moments when it comes to raising kids and being a single mom, but there can be even more blissful moments. Often times, single mothers will have feelings of aloneness and hopelessness when it comes to raising her children alone. Regardless of the way the mother feels raising the children, she only wants the best for them in the end. The ultimate goal to a single mother and the way they determine if they were successful at raising their kids, is the degree of happiness in the children. If you are looking for ways to be a strong single mom, then keep reading!

When you first have your children and they are going through the baby and toddler stages, do not over do the birthdays. They are not going to be able to remember them at all and it is going to save you a lot of much needed money. You can have some cake and ice cream with family and friend, but throwing a huge party and spending tons of money does not make much since in the baby and toddler years they will not remember anything.

A great thing for a single mom to do, is invest in a college fund for their child extremely early in the child's life. The early you get started the better, because the price will go up as the child ages. For some plans, it can cost as little as ten dollars a month and you can take the fund out should they decide not to go to college.

There is nothing wrong with giving your children all that they want. Giving your child a weekly allowance is a good thing as long there are some chores involved that help them earn the allowance. This way, you can teach them how important it is to work and help them build a strong work ethic.

In order to raise the best child possible, you have to set boundaries for them. Do not be afraid to give them timeouts, even when they are very young. Make them stay in time out for the minutes of what their age is. Do not let them speak, let them go in their room or anything else they like to do. Of course they are going to whine, but make sure to ignore them. In the end, the punishment will serve the child well.

When raising a child even as a single mother, learn to pick your battles. As long as your child is staying away from drugs, alcohol and other inappropriate behaviors, allow them to express their individual selves as much as possible.

Single mothers should allow their children to do many different sports as long as it inexpensive and if the child is interested in doing them. Having them do to many at one time will hinder their development and it is very important for children to have free time to do the things they like.

In today's time, you must monitor your child's Internet usage. Be aware of what is put on there and what kids are putting on there. It is not safe for children to post things like pictures and other personal information.

All you single mothers, need to not worry if your children do not like you. Once they reach the teen years regardless of what you do, your child is probably not going to like you. Just make sure to not change your monitoring habits as this around the age that they can start to engage in inappropriate behaviors. They are not too young for many things such as sex, drugs, alcohol and many other dishonest acts.

Having your child as your friend when you are single mother can be very nice. It does not work for many mothers as it can sometime make it difficult to set boundaries and stick to them. As a single parent, you need to be aware that your children will not always like you, but after they age a little more and with some direction and luck, they will love you.

It is very important to let your children know you love them every day of their lives. Even as they age, continue to give them lots of hugs and kisses. Always apologize when you are wrong and be sincere about it. Always use teaching and learning experiences with your child as it can help them in many different ways.

Being a strong single mom can take some work, just like anything else would. Always stick to your grounds and follow a couple of the tips in this article to help you with being a strong single mother. Remember your kids may not like you and that will become more noticeable in the teen years, but they will love you in the end.

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