How to Bounce Back After Pregnancy
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How to Bounce Back After Pregnancy

If a mother avails the handy tips on how to bounce back after pregnancy, she can reduce her anxieties at home and office and indeed enjoy her special motherhood time with the baby.

Pregnancy is a happy time of life when after the anxiety filled nine months, women bask in the sweet fruit of their labor. The arrival of a baby elevates the status of a lady to a mother. The mother now has a double task of caring for the baby and to bounce back after the strenuous nine months of pregnancy. Generally, it is seen that many women encounter the strange symptoms of the post partum depression, difficulty in losing weight post pregnancy, protruding belly, weakness, exhaustion in doing simple tasks, persistent tiredness, anxities over breastfeeding and loss of sleep while caring for the child. To deal with all these and emerge successful is a big challenge. If a mother knows the tips on how to bounce back after pregnancy, she is sure to enjoy her special time with her little baby.


1. Cultivating a fit body

One good news for mothers is that scientific research has directly linked breastfeeding the child to losing the post pregnancy weight. Besides, fitness exercises as per the normal or cesarean section deliveriesm, are in vogue and very effective. The women may use stairs instead of lifts, brisk walking for an hour in mornings and evenings, clean up the dusty corners of home and join a neighborhood gym for the same.

2. Yoga and meditation for relaxation

The yogic asanas may be done under a trainer. It makes the overall body and mind supple while meditation relaxes the overall spirit and makes the individual aware of their inner selves.

3. Getting all help one can 

In order to bounce back after pregnancy, the mother may ask the father and older kids in the family to help her out with the usual chores, thus reducing the anxiety big time.

4. Join mother clubs/support groups

A mother may encounter stress handling anxieties over caring for the child, putting it to sleep,issues over breastfeeding or irritable baby at night time. It is advised that the mother may join the clubs or support groups where she can share her concerns and obtain solutions for the same.

5. Perfect nutrition for bouncing back

To boost the energy levels, a mother, with the help of her dietitian must plan out her most healthy meal menu for all the weeks of the month. Instead of binging on junk food, one must have a healthy snack of fruits and a glass of milk instead. Similarly, including green vegetables to fulfill iron needs and eggs for calcium needs is important. To avoid constipation, fibre rich diets are recommended.

6.A healthy mind stays in a healthy body

Connect up with old friends and share your anxieties. Many mothers often complain that they miss curling up in bed with a novel and completing it in one night with a cup of coffee. Now that their priority is caring for the baby, they may take time between feeds to read one chapter at one time managing both the works beautifully. Keeping update with the INTERNET and the latest happenings in the world is a good morale booster for the mothers.

7. Priortising work at office

If the mother has to rejoin her office, she has to overcome the guilty feelings of leaving the kid back at home. But the experiences of other mothers may come handy at this time. They may advise to take pride in the fact that God has blessed a mother to create, give birth as well as excel professionally in order to have a secure financial future for her child, the power of multitasking. One may plan to avail the maternity benefits as well as the cretche facilities or day care for the older kids in the  office itself or nearby if the work is full time.

8. Pampering oneself once in a while

The mother may indulge in stress relieving body massage, parlour sessions to rejuvenate and bounce back as well as spa sessions to get an inner healing.

9. Management of family time

It is advised to take time off for weekend family dinners  and get togethers. The couple may take time out while a baby sitter may be planned.

10. Awareness about the pregnancy issues

If a mother prepares herself mentally for that shall arise post pregnancy, she is likely to have lesser anxiety  and more bonding with her baby. If she wants to take up freelancing, she should search for the same on NET. Conversely, if she wants to be a home enterpreneur, the opportunities have to be sought.

Thus, if a mother is well prepared beforehand to deal with the rigors of parenting, she may turn pregnancy into the most enjoyable moment of her life and bouncing back after pregnancy shall be a cakewalk for her.

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Comments (13)

Great tips!

Useful post! Keep them coming!:-)

A helpful set of options for new mothers.

Brilliant advise! Pregnancy is a difficult time for most I think and your tips for after are a must. Voted, stumbled and tweeted x

I could see how fulfilled a woman can be giving birth. Now I see how challenging this is.

These are good advices. Re tweeted :)

Very helpful information... good one.

Keep this for later on down the road advice, thank you.

Ranked #9 in Motherhood

I found sleping when ever I had the chance helped and B12 and also the things you pointed out.

Personally I found long walks pushing the baby's pram also work well :)

Lovely share. I made some changes to my diet after pregnancy to stay fit.

No one could 'research' this as effectively as some whom has experienced it firsthand... great tips!

great notes and tips. You are the number one in suggesting tips to mothers.