Importance of Breastfeeding
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Importance of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps infants develop higher IQ and it helps improve nervous system and brain development

• Provides children with optimal and most complete mix of antibodies and nutrients

• Breastmilk composition keeps pace with the changing nutritional needs and individual growth of infants.

• Fewer incidence of diarrhea and vomiting in the US

• It gives protection against necrotizing entercolitis and gastroenteritis

• It reduces risk of colic, chronic constipation and other stomach disorders

• It reduces risk and chances of childhood diabetes

• It gives children protection against respiratory illnesses, bronchitis, ear infections, kidney infections, septicemia or blood poisoning, asthma, allergies, severe allergic diseases and eczema

• It reduces risk of sudden infant death syndrome

• Protect children against childhood lymphoma, botulism, meningitis, ulcerative entercolitis and crohn’s disease

• It lessens risk of tooth decay or the presence of cavities

• Risk of heart ailments or diseases is reduced

• It increases bone density

• Breastfeeding helps infants develop higher IQ and it helps improve nervous system and brain development

• Breastfeeding also helps in the spiritual and emotional development of babies

• It enhances mother and baby emotional relationship

• Response of antibody to vaccines are much higher

• It help reduce risk of sickness and hospitalization compared to a formula fed infants

• The first milk or the colostrum helps coat the GI tract that prevents allergy and harmful bacteria

• Decreased risk for Vit E and Iron deficiency anemia

• Decreased risk for rheumatoid arthritis, acute appendicitis, pyloric stenosis and inguinal hernia

• Lessens risk of childhood obesity

• There are factors in mother’s milk that destroy salmonella, e coli, pneumococcus, shigella and many more

Other known benefits of breastfeeding:

• Breastfeeding can make you feel good, the hormones it produced during nursing have endorphin effect that gives you a relaxed feeling

• Nursing moms can rest and relax a lot compared to formula feeding moms

• You can lose weight without exercise or dieting

• No baby screaming at night waiting for the milk to be prepared

• Breastfeeding a baby is more convenient especially when travelling – milk is available anytime especially in case of emergency

• Stronger bond is developed between the mother and baby

• The satisfaction and joy it gives knowing that you are feeding your baby with your own milk and just the thought that the growth of your baby came from your own body

• Breastfeeding a baby is easier done without the hassle of preparing and sterilizing milk bottle and so on…

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