"Me Time" for Stay at Home Moms
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"Me Time" for Stay at Home Moms

stay at home moms mom me time how to pamper yourself

When you've had one too many calls from the school or broken household appliances or rows with rebellious teens, stay at home moms (and all moms in fact) need to recharge their batteries, and regroup in order to come out fighting the next time a crisis occurs. Moms hold it all together and to do that they have to look after themselves although they are usually not even on the list of priorities. So here are some ways moms can recharge their batteries and give themselves some "me time", nourish their souls and take a few moments to remember that moms are people too.

Take me time and read a book

Find a quiet corner and read a good book. Finding a quiet corner is the hard part, but books offer an escape from reality which moms need every now and again.

Take some me time to watch a movie

These days you don't have to leave the house in order to see a movie. You can find plenty of movies to watch on line, or rent a DVD. The best time for this is usually late at night when the kids are all asleep.

Meditation for moms

Even if you have never meditated before, start off simply by sitting quietly with your eyes shut and try to tune out from all the things going on in your life. Put the list of things to do to one side and sit quietly by yourself where you won't be disturbed.

Moms can relax and take a bath

Soak in a hot bath, and add some bath salts or bubbles. Take your time to relax. There are many inexpensive treats you can buy for those moments when you are alone in the bathroom. Try body scrubs, face masks, foot creams or shower gel. Use the time in the bath to rub away the hard skin on your feet, and give your hair a good conditioning. You can also bath by candle light, and listen to some relaxing music.

Mom's pampering spa day

Either take yourself off to a salon or do it yourself at home. You can find express manicures, and pedicures in most malls where it will only cost you a few Dollars, and take about 10 minutes to make you feel like a princess. With bright red toe nails, or a French manicure you will feel a lot less like a housekeeper. If you would rather do it at home then settle down with a bowl of warm water to soak your hands in, and all the little scissors, files and nail varnishes that you can find.

 Walk away the stress

Walking is good for the soul as well as the body. Walk out the door and go for a walk it will get your attention off of everything going on at home and give you time to think things through. You will come back feeling refreshed and also feel like you have done something for your health.


Any form of exercise is just for you, and will benefit you not only physically but also spiritually. You can do simple stretches, lunges, sit ups and jumping if that is what you can manage at the moment, and build up to going to a gym. Think of it as a one off thing and not as another life time project you have to take on.

Mom's me time chat session

Grab a friend and have a good old chat, let it all out, share your feelings and emotions this will give you an incredible release. Be warned not to gossip about your family members, talking about people negatively makes you treat them differently.

 Give animals and plants some love

Give some attention to other life forms, take your dog for a walk, even if you don't like him much, water the garden or get down and dirty planting some seeds. This will get you in communication with your environment, and you will see that "outflow equals inflow" in other words whatever love you give out to the universe will find it's way back to you some how.

Me Time with coffee!

I'm a bit of a cafe addict, I love to take my mommy me time sitting in a cafe sipping coffee and having something taste to snack. This always seems better than coffee at home simply because I'm out of the house and household chores aren't staring me in the face. When a working parent comes home he/she is off duty, but a stay at home parent is always "at work"!

Listen to some music

Listening to music is a great way to rejuvenate, but the temptation to do chores while you are listening to music is often too great! So when you are pampering yourself with a break and listening to music make sure you put your feet up and really relax.

 Be creative

Whether you can express yourself through dance, writing or vocally get your creative juices flowing. The Internet is a God send to stay at home moms, it offers many opportunities not only to write about subjects you are passionate about but also to make a few bucks, money that will be all yours! You could write here on Factoidz  - the best paying article directory on line!

Moms remember you are the core of the family and you have to look after yourself before you can look after others. Give yourself some "me time".

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Excellent article

GREAT compilation of mom's "me-time", thumbs up Petal.


it is a great article petal. and very helpful tips there. thanks for sharing.