Mom to Daughter Personal Talk
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Mom to Daughter Personal Talk

All daughters reach the age of maturity by the age of 18 and when parents most especially moms realizes that her daughter is already an adult she should have that significant one-on-one private talk with her concerning the aspect of menstruation, sex, and parenthood. When and how will you do it?

Giving time to talk about it with her is the most important thing that a mother can do for her daughter. How will you do it?

Here are some suggestions for all the mothers:

Time is very crucial here. She had her first menstruation a few years back and this is the right time for you to remind her of the possibilities and chances of getting pregnant. What might be the consequences later on will depend on when you will be able to discuss with her at the perfect time.

Plan a good timing for you and your daughter where you can both discuss the outcome of getting pregnant. Inform her that unplanned pregnancy which may result to early parenthood involves a huge responsibility. This may prevent her from accomplishing her dreams.

Whenever you have the chance to be alone with her, why not open up a discussion, starting with love and relationships. In this way your daughter may be enlightened so the topic will be directed to sex and early parenthood. Unaware of your plan, she will be encouraged to open up.

Your daughter is not your baby anymore so talk to her as an adult. She maybe a bit hesitant at first but definitely she will ask a lot of questions out of curiosity so be prepared to answer those. This is a very delicate matter that needs careful explanation hence be frank and honest but in a subtle way for her to understand things.

Explain to her what is needed to do when a girl becomes a woman such as the transition period from childhood to adulthood. Teach and guide her some moral values with regards to taking good care of her body by being responsible. You, being the mother must set an example for her to follow.

Finally, be a mother and a friend. By being a mother, you would want your daughter to get all the information from you and not from anybody else, right? So teach her everything that she needs to know pertaining to menstruation, sex and parenthood. This will clearly give your daughter an insight as to how to handle the situation by being cautious of her safety. Then by being a friend, you can tell her that she can trust you since you and her are of the same gender and you also have experienced what she’s going through now.

Moms must realize that their daughters are not forever babies that they can always cuddle. Eventually they will grow up into a woman. You must always be available for her each time she needs your attention for your guidance and support in any way you can.

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