Single Motherhood Guides for Singlemother Parenting
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Single Motherhood Guides for Singlemother Parenting

Single-mother parenting is tough so you must consider some tips before thinking of becoming a single-mother parent.

Single mother parenting is a tough job and something to consider before diving into it. If you are not that smart and strong to face the many confusing situations in single mother parenting, you should think a gazillion times before everything would be too late for you. Single mother parenting does not come with a good package and it does not guarantee for a good future for your kid. The worst is still to come and you should be prepared for that because if you are a single mother, chances are that you will be alone in rearing your child and looking for solutions to your problems.

Before plunging into the tough situation of single mother parenting; here are some guides to consider.

Financial Matters

Always bear in mind that to be a single mother will always involve financial matters that you should handle alone without a partner. Things are not the same as when you were still single and enjoying your money as you would want it. Once you have a child, there is a big difference. You have to provide for the needs of your child plus the other needs that you will take care single-handedly. If you are not earning much, you will be begging for somebody to help you survive.


Time is crucial with single parenting. You should keep in mind that you need to go to work to support yourself and your child. How about your time for your child? Your child needs you more than your job but you cannot ignore the job that you need for financial support. Learn to look at the downside of becoming a single mother. It will not be a problem if you have money to pay for a caregiver but things are different if you have no money to get someone to take care of your child.

The future of your child

You should bear in mind that you are not the most affected when you suddenly become a single mother but your child. Think of your child’s future. What kind of future could you offer your child? Can you give him a good future? Parenting is expensive and if you are not yet ready to parent a child, then you should not be thinking of being a single mother.

The child’s needs

Can you provide well for your child’s necessities? You cannot just bear a child and say come what may because your child needs a lot of things that must be provided. Parenting is not that easy. For you to become a parent, you must always think of what you could provide for your child. Yes, you can have a child anytime you wish but remember that a child needs many things that you must provide in order for your child to have a comfortable life.

Single mother parenting calls for a lot of considerations and countless planning. There are lots of single mothers in all corners of the world but; “Are they coping well?” The issue is not about having a child but it is in how the single mother should rear her child. Children are very important and their good future is what mothers must always take into consideration.

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Comments (2)

Good advice to care for your children's future an needs. Excellent article

The important thing for single mothers to acknowledge is that she and her children are a family even without a father. There are many single parent families - whether by death or divorce or whatever, headed by a mom or a dad, but if they are intact and have interface with other men and women in their families' lives, their children will not feel the stigma that society use to put on them -- "a broken or fractured family". It is a big challenge for a single parent to be both parents and rule maker and everything else; they need our support, not our judgment.