Single Motherhood Tips for Single Mothers to Consider in Order to Cope with Single Parenting
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Single Motherhood Tips for Single Mothers to Consider in Order to Cope with Single Parenting

How can you cope with single motherhood? Here are some tips to consider.

Single mothers often go through a lot of difficulties rearing their children and facing their career the best way they can. Added to the burden is the fact that single income does not suffice for a good support to the kids especially if they are already going to school. It is bad enough that you are a single earner but worse if you see that you cannot provide well for your kids. So, the situation worsens as you watch your kids being affected and scrimp on your little earning just to be able to provide for your kids.

Will you just sit down and watch your kids go hungry? One mother that I talked to said honestly that with the situation getting worse, she tries to tighten her belt and give more instead to her kids. But her problem is if she gets sick then what will happen to the kids? So here are some suggestions that single mothers could consider as they rear their children.

Find a second job

Many single mothers that I know have two jobs at the same time. Aside from their regular jobs, they try their best to have a part time job. A single mother that I know sells almost everything that she could sell. She is a real estate agent, an Avon dealer, a Tupperware dealer and many more. She goes from an agent to a dealer to a vendor of anything that people want to sell. And she is doing fine because she is able to send her kids to good schools and watch them as they grow and get on top of their class.

Learn to change your lifestyle

Being single and becoming a single mother are two different things. When you were a spend-thrift when you were single, being a single mother requires you to be frugal. Quit shopping for things you don’t need because extravagant people often buy things that they don’t need because they just love buying things that they see. Instead of going out for dinner, why don’t you just cook for your kids? That’s an added bonding with your kids and they will love you more for the effort they see you are exerting in parenting them.

Save regularly

Saving money is akin to security for your kids. Do not wait for the time when your kids are going to college before you think of saving. By the time they are going to college, you cannot save one dime for obvious reasons. Every cent will be spent for their needs and education. So, start saving while the kids are still young and you are not spending too much for their needs.

Teach your kids to help save money

Teaching your kids to help save money from anything will save a lot of money. This is not only in order to lessen expenses but you are teaching them to be responsible in life. Teach them to conserve water, electricity, school materials and their allowance. Children who are going to school have allowances but you can always teach them to save whatever they could save from their allowance. At the end of the month, you can ask them how much they had saved and you can put the money in their savings account. Smart money management is one of the best lessons that you could teach your kids. This will help them in the future.

Invest your money

Ask around and find out the best way where you can invest your money. There are people around who could help you with this problem. Ask the experts and they will gladly offer help. You may also opt to purchase educational plans for your kids so that by the time they are going to the higher grades; you will be saved from the heaviest burden of paying tuition fees.

Single motherhood is cumbersome but it could prove to be a very challenging role for single mothers. Once you achieve what you dream for your children, your life would be as good as fulfilled.

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Comments (3)

Great tips

I was a single mother after my first husband died. I got no insurance from his death, and only got a small widows pension and orphan benefit (about $400 a month.) I worked part time for minimum wage, primarily working only when she was in school. Of course there were child care expenses on the weekend or in the summer.. however I refused to work more hours than I had to.. it was more important to BE a parent.. than to make all the money to have all the toys. We had no cable TV, no Internet, no cell phone... the car I drove was paid for (it cost $500).. my suggestion is people remember what is important.. - your kid (not having 7 pairs of shoes). We ate cheap - a lot of soup and cereal...a person can do it if they try.

By the way.. there is nothing wrong with scrimping and saving.. the problem is all the people who live beyond their means... and demand to have everything under the sun.. spending TIME WITH your kids is more important than spending money ON them.