Tests You Can Expect To Receive If You Are Pregnant
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Tests You Can Expect To Receive If You Are Pregnant

Tests you can expect to get when you find out you are pregnant. Medical precautions and testing done on women when they find out they are pregnant.

So the little sign on the stick said plus and you are now a mother to be.  It is time to head to the doctor to get a confirmation on the pregnancy.  Once your doctor determines that you are pregnant he or she will then run some tests on you.  These tests are routine tests that are done on all pregnant women so don’t think your doctor is picking on you when they do them. 


Your doctor will want to make sure that you are infection free.  They will also want to make sure that there is no sign of kidney disease since that can be quite serious.

Blood Tests

Your doctor will take blood tests for a few different reasons.  First of all they will want to determine if you are anemic or not.  If they find that you are anemic they will act accordingly and supplement you as needed.  This test will be repeated sometime within your second trimester as things obviously change as pregnancy progresses. 

They will also test your body for certain antibodies to make sure you don’t have any that could be harmful to you or your baby.

They will also want to determine your blood type and Rh factor.  Sometimes a father’s blood type and a mother’s blood type are not compatible and this could make a viable pregnancy very difficult if not impossible. 


They will do a test to be sure that you are immune to measles.  If a mother gets infected during pregnancy this can produce abnormalities in the fetus.  


This test is known as a Serology or VDRL test.  This test is to determine if you have syphilis or not.  Do not be offended. This test is required by law you are not being singled out for it or anything. 

Blood Sugar

At some point in your pregnancy your blood sugar will be checked to make sure that you do not have gestational diabetes or to assess your risk of getting it. 


Since Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease you will likely be checked to make sure that you don’t have it in the beginning of your pregnancy.  Again this is routine. 

Chicken Pox

If you did not already have chicken pox as a child and you have not been vaccinated for it or if you cannot remember if you were vaccinated for them then they will do a test on you.  Chicken pox can be very dangerous for pregnant women. 

Tests due to risk factors

Some Women May Be Tested for the following things due to risk factors associated with their homes, occupations, drug use, or sexual practices. 

HIV Testing - Most doctors test all women for this but if the doctor feels you are at risk of having HIV for any reason they will run a test on you because if not treated properly HIV can be passed on the baby during delivery. 

Hepatitis B – Because you can have this virus and not have any symptoms most doctors will test for this just to be sure.  Since it is a virus it can be passed on the baby during the delivery process. 

Cytomegalovirus and Parvovirus – This is something you will likely be tested for if you work with children or if you work in the health care field.  Parvovirus can be associated with fifth disease which on a child is not all that serious but for a pregnant woman can be very serious.  If you are a pregnant woman and you know a child who has fifth disease it is best to stay away from them.  Fifth’s disease looks like a rash on the face and many times looks like a very red slap mark. 

Toxoplasmosis – Pregnant women who own cats are at risk for getting this disease.  This can be caused by being around cat feces or eating raw meat.  If you own a cat you will likely be tested for this.  If you are pregnant you should have someone else take care of the litter box during your pregnancy. 

As I mentioned a couple of times above, most of these tests are routine.  Do not be offended by any of these tests they give them to all expectant mothers.  These are the tests you will recieve when you initially find out you are pregnant.  As the pregnancy progresses you will recieve more and different tests that will assure the health of your and your baby during the different stages of your pregnancy. 

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