What a Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day
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What a Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

Looking for the perfect gift for mom? Find out what she really wants.

When Mother's Day arrives each year on that famous Sunday in May, many dads are left wondering what to give the woman they love, the mother of their child, for her special day.  It may come down to a late night trip to a convenience or drug store to rustle up a gift to give that special mom.  Chances are upon receipt of such a gift, the mom will smile graciously and say thank you!  However, what is her heart longing for as she opens a box of whatever was left at the late-night store?  Every mom is different, but here's one thing that most would agree upon at least to some degree, that is by far the greatest give she could receive for Mother's Day:

Time alone - Time alone is a commodity among mothers.  It's amazing how even working mothers can come home to a child attached to their leg or arm as though still part of the mommy's body.  The mommy is often times left to feel as though she is still one with child or pregnant continuously, only she has already birthed this child who is attached to her arms or legs or hip.  Many mothers ask the question:  "When will I ever be able to use the bath room alone, without interruption."  While nothing is sacred in mommy-land, most moms long for just a few hours alone.  During this time alone, she may think of the children often, but she will enjoy the break.

During this time alone, different moms will spend the time in different ways.  Some may take a bubble bath, others may read a book.  Some may read a book while taking a bubble bath.  Some may take a walk in a park or around the block.  Some may treat themselves to a nice meal.  Others may sit in their bubble bath with their chocolate bon bons and cushy air bath pillow (no doubt one of those late-night gifts she just received) and light a candle.

What is really nice is for hubby to take the children out for awhile and allow mom to enjoy the quietness of the house alone.  This may seem contrary to the gift give as they want to find an item to make mom smile.  But, many moms will agree that time alone is by far the best gift she can receive.  And, the end result just might be that she can't wait to see those kids of hers when they come bursting and hopping through the front door.  She may even greet them with a relaxed and happy hug.

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So true! I twittered this for you, cuz I totally agree! Preach it, sister! :)