When You're Having a Kidlife Crisis
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When You're Having a Kidlife Crisis

Life with kids can be like living in a zoo. Here's a humorous account of what kids can do to your treasured items, and how to exact your revenge.

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Comments (8)

Funny, insightful, witty. Great job Sharon!

My disclaimer to this is that I know Sharon's children personally, and they are like angels in church, top in their classes for exemplary students, win the most awards at the awards programs, actually do community work and have since they were younger, and are loving and respectful. However, having been there and done that, kids do have to vent off steam and who better to let it all out on than good old Mom. Grin and bear it, Sharon, their plusses far outweigh the stuff above. Thank goodness my own children were good ALL the time. LOL Entertaining and funny :)

This is a great read...and I love the title.

Very entertaining, I found myself laughing out loud!

Ranked #10 in Motherhood

Thank you all. I believe you need to laugh as much as possible when being around kids. Otherwise you'd cry all the time, and that's not good. Kidding aside, laughter makes the crazy times a little more bearable.

LOL! This is just what I needed to read. My son is driving me nuts today! He is home from school on prep leave for the final exams. And as you can guess he's doing everything but study for his exams!

Ranked #10 in Motherhood

Kids always drive parents nuts when we are least able to deal with it. It's like they have some inner sense that says, ok, mom is shaky today, lets drive her completely over the edge- yeah! Of course, they don't have the sense to follow that act to the conclusion, which is usually them in their rooms crying and us standing over them with thunderous dark clouds over our heads, shooting lightening bolts lol

I can relate! Some were the very same words I have said.