Woman: The Man with a Womb
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Woman: The Man with a Womb

Women are a potent force to reckon with in society. Women have crossed the gender line in the professions and are doing a terrific job as lawyers, doctors, engineers, business leaders, teachers, ministers, you name it.
                            women: man with a womb

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We can state categorically without fear of contradiction that women are a potent force to reckon with in society. Women have crossed the gender line in the professions and are doing a terrific job as lawyers, doctors, engineers, business leaders, teachers, ministers, you name it.

Did you ever think how we would fare three times a day as we gather around the family board if women's magic wands did not transform the raw products of field and garden and orchard into culinary delights? Although too many girls who can hardly boil water talk about too many plots and plans and not enough pots and pans in their women's liberation meetings, we have to concede that Mother's homemade delicacies is still the best, since the modern kitchen can never replace the old-fashioned cook.

Add to kitchen routine the laundering of the family's clothes, the cleaning of the house, the caring of the children, and the thousand and one other duties in and out of the house, and we can see what a versatile factotum women are. While men build a house, women transform it into a home. They wear many hats as wife, mother, housekeeper, family nurse, sometimes even as breadwinner. And when asked about their professions some of them simply say, "A mere housewife." Men retire after 20, 30 or 40 years of service, but whoever saw a retired housewife?

What kind of being is this creature whom we call woman? While some men can care less about how they look, their female counterparts are eternally interested in fooling the mirror. Someone said that the difference between a soldier and a woman is that one faces the powder while the other powders the face.

During these days you can hardly tell women's nationalities anymore without looking at their passports because they tamper so much with the natural physical evidences. Last month a woman may have been a brunette, now she may be a blond, and next month she might suddenly become a redhead. Women think they're improving Mother Nature when they're only fooling Father Time. No wonder someone observed that cosmetics are a woman's way of keeping a man from reading between the lines.

                   women working

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An interesting thing about women is that they love to have their birthdays remembered but their ages forgotten. When they reach the upper limits of eligibility, say, at age 39, they think the clock suddenly stops for them and they remain there for the next 5 or 10 years regardless of the changes calendars take every passing year. Sometimes they're even younger this year than they were last year. A woman's age is not very different from the speedometer of an old car - you realize it's been set backward but you can only guess how far back.

Women are very figure-conscious too. Although some may eat with the appetite of a horse, they still expect to remain as thin as a leaf. But the excess calories on the lips later go to the hips. One day a huge woman stood in church and sang "Love Lifted Me." A slender man who stood beside her sang "It Took a Miracle."

One thing good about women is that they are very articulate on almost any subject under the sun. It is said that the reason they usually outlive men is that they need the time to finish all they started to say. But although the can chatter like magpies, the strange thing is, sometimes they give you the silent treatment without your knowing why.

The men-folk will probably never understand women fully because they're an enigma wrapped up in a mystery. For instance, a modern girl will scream at the sight of a mouse, but will climb into a car with a wolf.

Be that as it may, these unsung heroines work hard behind the scenes. In fact, a good secretary is a woman who usually does the work some male executives get credit for. When there's a big work to be done, the best man for the job sometimes is a woman.

We tip our hats to our mothers, aunts, sisters, girl friends, nieces, daughters, etc. Really, they can do almost anything their male counterparts can. In fact, someone defined woman as a man with a womb.


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