Working As a Single Parent While Enjoying Your Newborn Baby
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Working As a Single Parent While Enjoying Your Newborn Baby

Working while enjoying Motherhood

Motherhood is one of the most emotional, time consuming, money consuming and crucial responsibility that is imparted with a woman, especially with the fact when a woman is single, some would pursue that such role is stressing. For some, the most heavy factor that would hinder the enjoyable state as a mother is emotional stress. However, there are alot of ways to enjoy motherhood even if your working. Some would suggest going out like clubbing, revolving into a party animal, but let's put that aside. Motherhood is more about family time, like being with with your son/daughter at any point of your free time. Essentially, there are activities that would enable you to bond with your baby such as the baby's routine for waking up time, bath time, play time and sleep time. However factors such as emotional stress, social stress and spiritual stress could also be a hinder to develop the stage of being a better mother.

Babies routine could change, but generally, they have there own waking up time, play time and sleep time. As babies wake up they will try to look up for things that are bright or light to there vision, during that moment, they smile whenever they are pleased. In that stage, help her see you your face to make her familiarize you as her mother until the moment would come that your baby will smile whenever he/she sees you. Appreciate that, it may be normal but it's a part of your life that will start your day.

If you still have time to bath your baby, enjoy that moment, appreciate whenever he/she feels calm by the time he/she's been poured with water. With that, you can caress her as you are cleaning every part of her cute little body. Take time to talk to her while bathing, some babies during bathing smiles and laughs, yet if he/she cries, hug her for a while, find a way to make him/her feel that she is safe, that way you will feel stronger for your baby.

Babies have also a routine wherein they try to open there eyes to see what they could try to see in a clearer view. During this phase, babies are eager to discover which could also be there playtime. That's why their eyes cross along together because they've been trying to focus on something, in that very moment, try to talk to him/her so that he/she hears you. While his/her senses are still developing, he/she could familiarize your voice as well as having to see the glimpse of you. That way, he/she feels secured. Your baby needs you.

Babies have also different routines in sleeping. Some would sleep for almost hours straight yet some sleep shorter. Some would also sleep longer at day yet others at night. Remember that not all babies have same routines. However, as a mother, you may not need to memorize her sleeping time if you have a nanny to take of him/her but you can try to look at him/her before going to work or if you are working home based, check up on him/her from time to time and remind your self that someone needs you more than anyone else, then make that a sense of inspiration. It may be an emotional need but it does create a better mood for you.

Emotional stress endures alot of downside to your daily lifestyle as a mother, this may cause you to be out of reach to your baby emotional. You may fight this alone but consider the fact of having your family, admit it, you will need someone to talk to or to open up with what feel about the relationship you've been through. To get over the stress, cry to them and open up all the bad vibes, in that way, you'll have a lighter feeling and always remember that you will be a better person because of your baby that inspires you.

We can never really avoid people talking about you. This may seem to irritable to handle, but always remember that you can never gain anything from them. Nonetheless, they are just one of those people who will only put you down. So, ignore them. You don't need them.

At some point, if you believe in the power of God, you will need it. There are actually wisdom that comes out of our head radically, then remember it, or try to write it down and post it anywhere in your home to remind yourself on how to keep moving on. By that time, you may never expect, but you have actually a inner strenght deep within you. Use it to help your self move forward and pray always for guidance.

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